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Are you having trouble removing sweat stains from clothes? If not properly handled, sweat can cause unsightly marks on clothes. Fortunately, with a little know-how, you can avoid stains or remove them before they damage your clothes.

In its most basic form, sweat comprises of water, salts, sugars, urea, and ammonia from the body. This combination is usually colorless. However, if you wear deodorant to kill odor-causing bacteria, you introduce aluminum and zinc compounds to your skin. These compounds react with the salts in your sweat to form the yellow tinge usually seen in the armpit area.

Sweat stainsSometimes sweat can take on a variety of other colors such as brown, green, or even black depending on the compounds in the clothes or the deodorant. If these stains are left to sit for long periods, they become ingrained deep in the fabric, making them difficult to remove.

Best and worst fabrics

If you sweat a lot, particularly during the summer months, it’s advisable you wear clothes made of rayon, polyester, and nylon. These are some of the most sweat-resistant fabrics on the market. However, that because these fabrics are water repellant, they can trap the sweat and make you feel hotter.

Conversely, clothes made from pure cotton or cotton blends are highly absorbent and may show sweat patches. These fabrics are the most vulnerable to damage caused by sweat. You will, however, feel cooler and more comfortable wearing them. To make the patches less visible, consider choosing clothes made of dark colors.

Removing sweat stains

Sometimes washing sweaty clothes with detergents may not completely remove colored sweat marks. That’s why the best option is to use a professional dry-cleaning service. They are experts in cleaning a wide range of fabrics and stains.

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