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You are either an athlete who enjoys frequent contact with the grass on a ball field, or the parent of someone who is. Either way, you have grass stain issues on a regular basis. Grass is one of the most stubborn stains there are because of the chlorophyll in the blades, which acts as a dye. They sometimes take more than one washing to get rid of them.

Follow these tips and the stains will not be permanent. Grass stains are easier to remove from synthetic fabrics than they are from cotton or wool.

  • Reach first for a stain removal pre-wash treatment like Shout. Pre-treat the stain, soaking the area completely with the solution. Scrub it with a terry-cloth cloth to make sure you get it deep into the fibers of the fabric. Allow this to sit for at least one hour. Wash as usual with your normal detergent.

  • A second method is to soak the garments in an enzyme cleaner like Biz, or Oxiclean.Soak for at least two hours prior to laundering. Best results are obtained when the garments are allowed to soak overnight. For the most stubborn of stains, make a paste out of the powder with a little bit of water and rub it directly into the stained portion of the garment. Launder as usual.

  • Some people use vinegar to remove grass stains, washing them with a vinegar and water solution in a 1:2 ratio. For deeply ground in grass stains, use vinegar full strangth. Rub it into the garment and let it work for two to three hours before laundering as usual.

  • For a really stubborn stain, it may be time to visit your friendly local dry-cleaner. They have special cleaning products, some of which target grass stains specifically.

  • Some of these suggestions only work by themselves and if nothing has been done prior to the stain.

Remember when in doubt contact your local drycleaners!

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