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Quality dry cleaning and excellent customer service are part of the daily routine at Champion Cleaners in Naples, FL. In fact, we have “Champion” in our name for a reason. We want to make you look and feel like a champion all year long.

Excellent customer service should be the top priority of any business but that’s not always the case. Who wants to spend their money at a business that treats its customers poorly? In a competitive market like Southwest Florida, businesses need to elevate their quality and customer service.

At Champion Cleaners, we work hard to keep our customers happy and they reward us by returning time and time again.

Our loyal customer base trusts our ability to preserve the color, shape and size of every garment we treat. However, that’s not always an easy task with the wide range of materials that come through our doors. Our laundry and dry cleaning employees handle everything from satin sheets to leather jackets.

Quality Dry Cleaning goes the extra mile

Quality dry cleaning services, excellent customer service.
The entire Champion Cleaners team enjoys going the extra mile for our customers. We make quality dry cleaning as convenient and cost-effective as possible for all our customers. In addition, we take pride in providing friendly personal service. Our team greets customers when they walk in and we make sure all their questions are answered and their concerns addressed. Champion Cleaners knows the value of lasting personal relationships with customers, and we know quality service will bring in repeat business.

Our laundry services go beyond simple washing and dry cleaning; we also provide alterations to make sure your clothes fit the way you want. Whether you bought something new and need it tailored or you just want an older, treasured garment to look and feel better, our expert alterations service can meet your needs.

Champion Cleaners replaces loose, broken and missing buttons at no charge. We also offer additional alteration services for repairs, such as seams, hems or broken zippers and will let you know the charges for these services.

Our commitment to excellent customer service goes beyond interactions with customers at the store. We offer free pickup and delivery from your home or office in Naples, Bonita Springs or Estero. If you prefer to pick up your clothes during business hours, we have covered drive-through to keep you dry during Southwest Florida’s rainy summer afternoons.

We strive to provide quality service for our customers who we may not even see in person. We have 24-hour drop off and pickup lockers, offering quality dry cleaning service that fits into your schedule. You can even download our app or go online to schedule pickup. You can find the app in the Apple and Google stores.

For more information, give Champion Cleaners a call at 239-598-1555.

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