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Avoid clothes shrinking in the dyer and the frustration that comes along with it by paying closer attention to what and how you’re washing. If you don’t want to pull your favorite shirt out of the dryer and find it two sizes too small, this is for you. 

Clothes can shrink in the dryer even if you are careful. Certain fabrics are more prone to shrinking than others, based on the fabric. When in doubt take your clothes to the professionals. Bring your clothes into Champion Cleaners to be dry cleaned or washed, dried and folded by the experts.

Here are some tips to avoid clothes shrinking when you’re washing at home.

Handwash your delicates: Delicates are called delicate for a reason. They’re made with delicate fabric and probably more expensive than your other clothing. If you decide to try washing them in the washing machine, you should use the delicate or gentle setting.

Wash with cold water: Hot water can cause your clothes to relax, which results in shrinking when they’re dried. Cold water is less damaging on clothes and helps clothing keep its shape.

Air dry or dry with low heat: Air drying your clothes is the safest to avoid shrinking. But if you want to use the dryer, use a setting with no heat or low heat. There are often “air” dry or “tumble” settings you can use. This setting spins your clothes dry using only motion and not heat.

If you are in doubt about how to properly clean your clothes, your local dry cleaner knows what to do. 

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