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Do people know you have a pet without even having to ask? If you have a big dog who sheds a lot, you may be wearing a free fur coat every time you leave the house. For pet owners, pet hair removal tips are essential.

The first option for pet hair removal is to avoid pet hair with a pet-free home. But that’s not an option for most Americans. Sixty-seven percent of US households have a pet, according to a recent study by the American Pet Products Association. That’s nearly 85 million homes with pets.

Pug in a blanket for pet hair removal tipsAbout 63 million households have dogs and 43 million are home to cats. That’s a lot of fur!

Although there are hairless or non-shedding dogs and cats, there are only a handful of breeds and they are less popular than their furry counterparts.

So, if you have a pet that sheds, even a little, here are some tips to remove pet hair on your clothes and household fabrics.

Pet hair removal

  1. Buy plenty of lint brushes and keep them around the house, in your car, in the office and in your purse or pocket. Remember to use them before you go anywhere and before you get in your car, so you don’t carry the hair with you.
  2. Keep your lint tray in the dryer clean. Clean it after every load and check it again before starting a new one. You should also check your washer for loose pet hair.
  3. Dust and vacuum your home often. Even running a dust mop over the floor in high traffic areas daily or every couple days will help.
To keep pet hair off your clothes and fabrics around the house, you should also make sure your pet has its own bed. This will keep him or her from using the clean clothes in the laundry basket as their favorite spot. It will also help collect pet hair in one spot. Get a washable bed and keep it clean to avoid too much hair or odors.

If you are tired of dryers full of pet hair, you can always send your laundry out for professional cleaning. You won’t have pet hair (until you put your clothes on) and they’ll remove any odors. In addition, professional laundry service will give you more time to play with your pet!

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