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Online clothes shopping has become a practical way to shop without having to leave the comfort and safety of home.

More people are shopping online for everything from groceries to cars. This year, 69% of Americans have shopped online and the majority — 59% — are shopping for clothing, according to

Online clothes shopping graphicLast year, about 20% of total fashion retail sales in the US took place online.

Consumers turned more to online shopping when many of their favorite clothing stores were closed. Even though most clothing stores are now open, not all fitting rooms are. Some stores prohibit or strictly limit trying on clothing as a safety precaution.

Regardless of whether it’s online or in person shopping, without the ability to try clothes on before you buy them, there’s a good chance they won’t look or fit the way you expect.

Although most retailers make it easy to do returns, you may not want to take the time to do it. Or, you may like the clothes but they just need a slight alteration.

Instead of returning clothes that you love, you can have alterations made at your local dry cleaner. If the pants are just a little too long or the waist a little too loose or tight, there’s no need to return them if you just have them altered.

It’s not an ideal situation to buy clothes without knowing if they will fit. But, with the ability to do returns or have clothes altered, online clothes shopping can be a good way to expand your wardrobe.

It is convenient and it reduces the number of people with which you come into contact. Just remember the next time you open a package and find clothes that don’t fit, you don’t have to return them. Alterations could give you the perfect fit.

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