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New Year resolutions should start small and grow throughout the year to give you a better chance to reach your goals.


Starting with lofty goals are nice but if you take smaller steps, you are more likely to succeed. When you set a goal and lose steam after a month, it becomes harder and harder to stay motivated.


New Year resolutions cleaning closetAs part of your New Year’s resolution, plan phases, steps or milestones to celebrate victories along the way.

New Year resolutions — Get organized

Many people start out the New Year determined to get organized. They are going to start the year off with proper planning and organization. That is a great goal that can easily be implemented throughout the year.

Start with cleaning out your closet. Take out all the clothes that have gotten pushed to the back and have long been forgotten. Sort through them and make a pile of clothes you can donate to a local charity.

Carefully sort through the rest of the clothes and look for any damage. Did you push them to the back because they had a button missing or a seem that needed repaired? Do they need to be altered? If so, bring them to Champion Cleaners — serving Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples, FL — for repair and alterations.

You could end up with a “new” wardrobe you haven’t worn in awhile. You’ve probably had someone ask you if something is new because you haven’t worn it in a long time. You’ll be able to switch up those clothes you got in the habit of wearing every day.

Once you’ve sorted through your clothes, go through your shoes, belts, accessories and other items in your closet. Get rid of what you won’t wear and organize what you want to keep.

You’ll feel better with an organized closet and “almost new” clothes to wear.

After you’ve finished the closet, tackle your dresser drawers. Finish your bedroom and then move to other rooms of the house to organize. You’ll feel great as you finish each room.

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