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Naples dry cleaner Champion Cleaners offers a wide variety of services beyond dry cleaning.

In addition to high-quality dry cleaning services, you can get alterations, laundry service, wedding dress preservation, comforter cleaning and more. And, the customer service is excellent.

It all starts with the pickup and delivery service that extends beyond Naples to Bonita Springs and Estero, FL. You can’t get more convenient than someone picking up your dirty, wrinkled clothes and returning them fresh, clean and pressed.

Best dry cleaner in Naples, Bonita, Estero, FLNaples dry cleaner offers more

Expert Alterations

Champion Cleaners can adjust an inseam, mend a hem, narrow jacket sleeves, take in (or out) the waist of pants or skirts, repair zippers and replace buttons. If you have some new clothes that just don’t fit right or you have a treasured older garment that needs new life, Champion Cleaners can give you the perfect fit.

In addition, expert seamstress can provide alterations for brides and the entire wedding party. It’s important to get the best fit possible for that special day.

Bright White Services

Consistently sending your bright white clothes for cleaning helps resist fading by holding onto the white-boosting agents that are typically added when the fabric is created and dyed. Champion Cleaners launders shirts and other garments in conditioned water at the appropriate temperature.

Whether you want to make your dress shirts look whiter or you want dry cleaning to perk up your light-colored clothes, Champion Cleaners can help.

Household items

Look around your home and you’ll find plenty of items that need to be cleaned — curtains, down-filled comforter, a quilt, a delicate linen tablecloth and more. It’s the fastest, most affordable way to make your home feel new again.

Stain Removal and Clothing Repairs

We can remove stains and repair clothes as well. Although people have a tendency to try to remove the stain themselves, stain removal is best left to the experts. In fact, you can make the stain much worse. 

Wedding Dress Preservation

Champion Cleaners is one of the leading choices for wedding gown preservation in Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples, FL. We have the experience and the proper equipment to maintain the integrity of the dress while it’s in storage for many years. Whether your dress was elegant or avant-garde, you can preserve your wedding dress with help from the right dry cleaner.

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