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Men’s Fashion TipsOkay let’s be honest, most of us would not be considered fashion conscious and if you’re like me, a shirt, and slacks; as long as they are close in color…’ll work. However,  if you’re a professional, or want to be a professional and climb that corporate latter, or you just don’t want people to laugh at you behind your back here are some basic fashion tips that can help you figure this whole thing out.

  1. Do not mix a blue sports coat or jacket with a pair of black pants or vice versa. It just doesn’t look right. You can however use that combo with shoes and slacks.

  1. Forget trends, most of us are not runway models. It is important however, that your clothes fit properly. Remember the stereo typical plumber backside. If you are vertically or horizontally challenged you might want to consider made to measure instead of off the rack.

  2. Necktie’s, now this is a good one; your necktie should not go beyond your belt buckle!

  3. Always use the inside pocket of your sport coat or suit jacket, never the outside pocket.

  4. Always leave the bottom button of you suit jacket or sport coat unbuttoned
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