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Maximize closet space and add organization to your life by making a few simple adjustments. Whether your closet is big or small, organization will help not only maximize your space but also improve functionality.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize closet space

Purge: The journey to making the most out of your closet space starts with getting rid of all the stuff you don’t wear. Don’t hang on to clothes you think you might wear but never do. If you’re a minimalist or you are in the habit of getting rid of something when you ad something, you can skip this step.

Losing the items you never wear, or ones that don’t fit you anymore, will free up space in your closet and make it much easier to organize. Carve out some time this weekend and tackle the clutter. Drop off your gently used items at a local charity.
Maximize closet space

Add storage under hanging clothes: Consider adding a small dresser or shoe rack beneath your hanging clothes. This makes use of empty space at the bottom of your closet. It also gives your items a designated home, so they’re less likely to end up scattered somewhere on the floor.

Hang accessories: Install some damage-free wall hangers or an over-the-door hanging rack and move your accessories up. Moving vertically utilizes extra space you didn’t even know you had. Handbags, jackets and even long necklaces can all be hung beautifully on the wall.

Color coordinate: Organizing your clothes by type and color will give your closet a whole new feel. You’ll save time getting ready because you’ll know exactly where to look when you’re going for your blue sweater or black dress. Not to mention, a small, organized closet trumps a big, messy closet any day.

You can maximize closet space by customizing your closet to fit your lifestyle and appreciate the space you do have. Hopefully, these simple tips will get you on the right track to a more organized and functional closet. Visit Champion Cleaners’ blog for more helpful tips.  


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