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Lost socks frustrate us all. We look all over, but we can only seem to find one sock out of the pair. The other sock seems to have mysteriously disappeared.


There is a weak link somewhere along the laundry chain. Our socks travel from feet, to laundry basket to washer then dryer and back to the laundry basket for folding. You pull out one sock and search the basket for the other, but it’s not there.


lost socksTo find it, you backtrack through the laundry chain to see if you can find it. You check the dryer, the washer, the clothes hamper but no luck. Where did that sock go?


Believe it or not, scientists have studied this topic. There’s also a national day recognizing lost socks — National Lost Sock Memorial Day on May 9.


It’s surprising that scientists take the time to study this issue. It really is not a huge mystery. Your socks are hiding under washers, dryers and furniture and they get stuck in pants legs or cling to other clothes. They are carried off by the dog. There are many reasons they disappear.

The Study of Lost Socks

According to a 2016 study, each person loses an average of 1.3 socks per month, accounting for more than 15 socks per year and 1,264 over a lifetime. The study, commissioned by Samsung, surveyed 2,000 people.


A psychologist and a statistician applied science to determine and quantify the problem. They even devised a formula to calculate the likelihood of losing socks. We’ll spare you the formula but if you are crazy about math and want to know, you can read it here.


Their research determined the complexity of the washing load and the number of socks in the load are the main factors. It has to do with the way batches are divided up based on whites, colors and different temperatures. The number of people involved in doing the laundry adds to the complexity.


You are probably relieved to know there’s a study, and even a formula, that backs up the fact we tend to lose socks.


But what do we do about it?


We can try a little harder to keep track of our socks or we can just accept it and celebrate National Lost Sock Memorial Day (#LostSockMemorialDay) on May 9. It is time to say “good-bye” to all of the single socks, the ones where their mates have been lost to the unknown.

Use this as an excuse to rid yourself of all those lonely socks. Besides, how long can you hold onto those socks while searching for the mate?

Try to keep better track of your replacement socks or use Champion Cleaner’s laundry service. We’ll keep a good eye on the pair as long as you give us both socks to begin with!

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