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Florida’s balmy winter weather can be a bit frustrating when deciding what to wear. Winter temperatures can hover right at the point where any outfit could be too hot or too cold, and it’s hard to predict. It can really be frustrating as you plan what to wear for the holidays and all the parties and events planned this time of year.


layersIt’s hard to plan in advance because you don’t know what the temperatures will be like. It could be very warm or we could be experiencing a cold snap. For that reason, when you choose a holiday outfit, you have to look for more than just the basics.


Layers are key


Your basic holiday attire should allow you to feel cool if the weather is warm, but also allow you to add layers if the weather turns colder. Once you have the basic outfit, look for accessories like shawls and jackets that match the outfit but are also easy to store.


For example, women could choose a basic black set of trousers and a sleeveless shirt, and then add a colorful patterned shawl that would provide warmth when draped around the shoulders but that could also fold up easily if it isn’t needed.


Men could carry a neutral blazer-type jacket with them that they could leave with the coats at a party if the weather seems nice. If temperatures drop over the course of the evening, they can retrieve the jacket and put it on.


Don’t procrastinate


Finding clothing you like is hard enough, but the pressure increases if you need to have the clothing altered or dry cleaned. As the holidays draw near, dry cleaners and tailors will see their schedules fill up, and you don’t want to be left out in the cold because you couldn’t get that shawl or jacket dry cleaned in time for a party.


At Champion Cleaners we know you want to look your best and feel comfortable. Contact us to inquire about cleaning and alteration services before party season begins.

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