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Keeping white clothes bright white proves challenging for many people. This common laundry question need not challenge you, though. Several techniques keep your whites bright.

Keeping white clothes bright | Champion Cleaners, Naples FL, Estero FL, Bonita Springs FL

On television, you’ve probably seen the commercials where they show dirty white shirts or socks that got laundered by two different laundry detergents. The shirt on one side looks really bright white and the other very dull and still a little dirty. The commercial may even show the bright white shirt getting washed a bunch of times and still looking crisp.


The way you wash and care for your clothes impacts how clean they get and how well they hold their color. Are you following the cleaning directions on the label?


The key to keeping white clothes bright begins with your purchase of clothing, bedding, drapery, slipcover or other items. Different materials react differently to stains and cleaning. Some are good at holding their colors and others may fade over time.


Do a little research to see how well the fabric you like holds up for its desired use. You should also read the labels, ask sales associates about the fabric and check product reviews. The type of fabric and how it’s made have an impact how it lasts.


Using a little logic in your purchase can also help save headaches down the road. If you have a dog with black hair that sheds a lot, you probably don’t want a white slipcover for your couch. If you work in a print shop, a white shirt might not be the best choice.

Keeping white clothes bright starts right away


Once you’ve purchased the right fabric for the right use, you have to make sure you care for it properly. Follow the instructions for proper cleaning.


The best cleaning option is regular dry cleaning.


Consistently sending your bright white clothes for dry cleaning will help them hold onto their colors.


How does dry cleaning keep your whites white?


We can’t speak for all dry cleaners but at Champion Cleaners in Naples, FL, the products we use for our dry cleaning encourage the fabrics to release all the stains within the fibers.


Proper dry cleaning helps your whites resist fading by holding onto the white-boosting agents that are typically added when the fabric is created and dyed.

We also launder shirts and other pieces in conditioned water at the appropriate temperature. There is a definite science to our business, and we use it to your advantage.


Whether you want to make your dress shirts look whiter or you want dry cleaning to perk up your light-colored clothes, come to Champion Cleaners. We serve Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero and nearby areas and offer convenient drop off and pick up options. Give us your items to be dry cleaned and/or laundered, and we’ll do the rest.


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