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Job interview clothing choices can be as important as what you say during the interview. Whether you are preparing for a virtual interview or a meeting in person, wearing the right clothes is crucial to making your best first impression.

Although people tend to focus on what to say during the interview, don’t overlook your wardrobe.

Right now there are many people looking for jobs so you need to set yourself apart. Dress sharp and professional. Wrinkled clothes or too casual of an outfit can mean someone more polished gets the job. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect job just because of your outfit.

You should dress not only for the position you are applying for but also for the position you want. For example, if you are applying for a mid-level manager position, dress as if you were applying to be a senior manager. Even if the job you are applying for has a uniform or you can dress casually, don’t dress that way for the interview. Dress to impress.

Job interview clothing tips

Job Interview Clothing TipsMore and more job interviews are taking place virtually. Just because you are sitting at home for the interview doesn’t mean you should dress like it. At the very minimum, dress business casual. This shows you take pride in yourself and that you are a serious candidate.

For a virtual interview, wear what you would wear if you were doing the interview in person. And, be sure to wear pants! We’ve all seen the stories of people on video chats who don’t realize you can see they are in their boxers. The reason they’ll remember you won’t be a good one.

Although you don’t want to wear sweats or your old worn out jeans, you do want to be comfortable. You will be more relaxed and confident. Look for fabrics that increase breathability and don’t wrinkle easily. 

Wear simple, neutral colors such as black, grey, or navy. These colors are seen as more sophisticated and provide a professional appearance. 

Have clothes ready for an interview if you are applying for jobs. Don’t wait until you get an interview to make sure you have clean, professional clothes. Any wrinkles or stains may appear unprofessional and will make a negative impression on your potential employer.

Don’t wear any accessories that stand out too much or are distracting. Simple accessories are perfect for interviews because it ensures that their attention is not focused on anything but your well-crafted responses. Your crisp clothes can speak for themselves.

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