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Beach and Palm TreesAs a dry cleaner we get asked a variety of questions and because we live and work in Naples Florida a lot of the questions we are asked revolve around the area and our climate.

With that in mind we have endeavored to provide as much information as possible to help our current seasonal clients, who we affectionately refer to as Snow Birds, and any visiting future clientele with the information they have requested. That being said, one of the most common questions we are asked is “What should I wear when visiting Naples?”

When visiting a hot climate it is important that you be knowledgeable in what you should wear.  For regions, which are hot as well as humid, there are certain fabrics that are used, and prove to be the most comfortable. One of the first things to remember about clothing for hot climate is that it is always good to wear natural fabrics. These fabrics will not stick to your body and will enable your skin to breathe properly.

The fabrics most often used are cotton, rayon, silk, and linen. Of these the best is cotton. Cotton allows for air passage and enables the body to maintain a cool body temperature. Cotton is also less of a hassle because it can be easily laundered. Sports fabrics are synthetic, yet are good at absorbing perspiration. Polyester is not the most comfortable of fabrics in places where the climate is hot but as evening attire I think you can get away with it.
Hot climate fabrics should be light and have the capability to absorb moisture from the body. This is important because pools of sweat can make feel you feel uncomfortable and who wants that when you’re having a good time. A good strategy in places with hot and humid climates, such as Naples Florida, is to cover up and not expose yourself to too much sunlight, lightweight fabrics can protect your skin from the damaging rays of sun.

The best colors for hot and humid climates are light colors, this is due in part to the fact that light colors tend to reflect heat instead of absorbing it and they will keep your body relatively cooler. Pastels, beige, and white are the most ideal colors. Summer calls for fashion and wearing stylish lightweight clothes are not only fun but wise too.

Additionally, you should wear open toed sandals and perhaps a hat to shield your face and protect your hair from the sun, not to mention the use of a good sunscreen is also recommended. However, most importantly have a great time and enjoy yourself….

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