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The winter weather was a roller coaster ride for most of the U.S. this year. Here in Southwest Florida, we had our cold spells, but we also had record heat. If you pulled out your heavy sweaters those few cold days or your lightweight sweaters to ward off a chill, it’s important to know how to clean sweaters. You will want to take proper care of your sweaters, so they’ll be around next season.

Regardless of where you live, it’s always helpful to have a few soft sweaters in your closet for days when it gets chilly. Investing in well-made sweaters will help you stay warm and comfy on brisk days, but it’s important to take care of them. You want to get as much value for your money as possible.

How do you know how to clean sweaters? First, take a look at the label. It will give you cleaning instructions. Follow these closely so you don’t damage the material. If it says, “Dry Clean Only,” take it to a dry cleaner. Your cashmere sweater could end up becoming the size of a kid’s sweater if you aren’t careful.

Use gentle cleaning techniques

Ideally, you should get your sweaters dry cleaned so that they don’t lose their shape. However, there might be times when you need to spot clean your sweaters. Don’t put them in the washer and dryer, as this could result in pilling or tears. You could use a small steamer or hand wash it with a mild soap. But, make sure not to stretch or twist the sweater when you lay it out to dry, as this could cause it to lose its shape.

Store in a dresser

It’s always best to fold your sweaters instead of hanging them. This is because hanging a sweater could stretch out the elastic and damage it over time. Keep your sweaters nicely folded in a clean dresser drawer.

Avoid folding sweaters down the center, as this could result in an unsightly crease that is difficult to get out. When storing sweaters, you should avoid placing heavier items on top of them that could cause the folds to set. You should also make sure they aren’t exposed to any sharp objects that could pull at the sweaters and cause pilling.

If you aren’t sure how to clean sweaters, a dry cleaner is always a good choice.

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