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When looking for a dry cleaner in the Naples, Estero and Bonita Springs, you have many choices. You probably search online for “dry cleaner,” or maybe “best dry cleaner” or a similar topic. But, you don’t want to go to just any dry cleaner. Clothes are valuable and important to you so don’t risk their care with just anyone.

So what makes one dry cleaner better than another?

Some companies have excellent customer service and go above and beyond to meet your expectations. However, not every company does. Some companies fall short when compared to the best dry cleaners. Although they might have lower prices, they fail to offer enough industry-leading services or take appropriate care when handling clothing and other materials. As a result, it’s important to understand the difference between a cheaper, basic dry cleaning company and a top-tier, full-service one.

What should you look for when comparing dry cleaners in Southwest Florida?

Best dry cleaner in Naples, Bonita, Estero, FLCustomer service

A superior dry cleaner focuses more on attracting and retaining customers with attention to detail, quality service and care than cleaners who worry primarily about price. They use their knowledge and experience to provide the highest level of service possible and meet deadlines for important customer life events like wedding rehearsals, school recitals and job interviews.

Additionally, they make the creation of positive, long-term relationships with customers a priority over short-term sales.

Convenient options

Most people use dry cleaners so that they don’t have to waste time and money trying to perform similar work at home, especially when dealing with “Dry Clean Only” and delicate materials. The best dry cleaners also provide valuable extras related to saving time and money. For example, they pick up and deliver items at no additional cost.

Additional services

A top cleaner is a one-stop shop that provides a variety of laundering- and sewing-related services. They do more than merely remove stains and clean a handful of hard-to-clean fabrics and clothes.

They clean and brighten a wide range of materials and household and business items in addition to clothes. With their sewing services, they perform both alterations and repairs. A professional, top cleaner can usually alter or repair any fabric or linen you bring to them, including furniture covers, floor rugs and curtains.

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