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Following a few simple home cleaning tips can get you ready to celebrate the holidays. Now, more than ever, it is important to do all you can to kill germs that may lurk in your home before guests arrive.


Most families are starting to talk about how they will celebrate the holidays. The gatherings will likely be smaller, but many are planning for out-of-town visitors.


Home cleaning tips for bedrooms such as this oneTo protect against the spread of germs, by now, you know to wash your hands, wear a mask, spend time outdoors and social distance. In fact, you may want to have extra masks available for guests. The CDC offers tips on storing and washing masks.

Even when Covid-19 isn’t a concern, germs are still abundant and can cause the flu or other illnesses. Hence, there are additional steps you should take to help protect you and your family and friends this holiday season.


In addition, a clean house makes you feel good and shows you take pride in your home. There’s something about the clean smell and how fresh your house feels after a deep clean.


Although there may be a long list of things to do for the holidays, you don’t have to do it all yourself. You can hand off some tasks to a professional. You’ll get high quality service and it will save you time.


Here are 5 home cleaning tips


1. Start cleaning a week or two before guests arrive. You don’t want to leave things until the last minute, but you also don’t want to do it too soon and then have to do it again.

Regardless of how far in advance you clean, you’ll still want to go back over the house with cleaning solutions that kill germs on surfaces right before guests arrive. Wipe down all the common areas of the home, door handles, countertops and any other surfaces you use often. This will give you an extra level of security.

2, Implement your spring cleaning plan in the fall. If you do a deep cleaning of your home in the spring, repeat the process this fall. You don’t need to go as far as organizing your closets, for example, but take time to do a little more cleaning than your weekly checklist.


3. Clean the linens. Make sure those special tablecloths, napkins, table runners and other fabrics are clean and wrinkle-free.


4. Clean the bedding. Think about everything your guests will need while they stay with you. If they are spending the night, be sure to clean the sheets, bed spread, pillowcases (even the fancy ones).


If the comforter is too big for the washer, send it to the dry cleaner. It’s a good idea to send all your bedding to the dry cleaner because their equipment uses higher temperatures than your residential washer. The hotter water kills more germs and gets your fabric much cleaner.


5. Have your holiday outfits clean and ready to wear. If you have a special outfit you want to wear, make sure it fits, it’s clean and it’s not wrinkled. A couple weeks before guests arrive, try it on and include it in your complementary Champion Cleaners garment bags so it will be picked up with your other weekly laundry and dry cleaning. Then you know it will come back ready to go. It’s free pick-up and delivery and it will save you time.


For additional home cleaning tips, the CDC has detailed disinfection recommendations for your home.


Remember, don’t get overwhelmed. Let the professionals help. At Champion Cleaners, we are happy to help with your laundry, dry cleaning and cleaning household items. With our free pick-up and delivery, there isn’t much you’ll need to do. Just sit back and enjoy the time with family and friends.


Set up your free pickup and delivery in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero by calling Champion Cleaners at 239-598-1555.

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