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The holiday season can be a busy time of year but if you plan ahead and follow a few holiday tips you can save some time and stress.

You are probably still recovering from Thanksgiving but now it is time to plan for more holiday festivities. Whether you are planning events big or small or preparing for Christmas, Hanukkah or a New Year celebration, start planning now.

If you are prepared, you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays with friends and family instead of looking for an escape route.

Holiday tips

Here are a few holiday tips to get you through the season. You’ll impress your family and friends by making your gatherings look effortless.

Make a plan

Find out now if you are hosting dinners or parties, or if you will be attending any. If you are inviting people to celebrate with you, make sure they know the time and place with plenty of time. You also need to let them know what they can bring.

Start planning now so you don’t leave things to the last minute. If you have to rush, you may not get the desired results. Determine what can be done in advance and get those tasks out of the way.

Make a checklist

Even Santa makes a list and then checks it twice. Make a list of things you need to get done, including cleaning, running errands and buying groceries. You should also take out your linens, tablecloth, napkins and decorations to make sure everything is clean, and nothing is broken.

If you have guests planning to stay with you, make sure the sheets, bedspread or comforter and towels are clean. Take your linens, curtains, comforters, table runners or other fabrics to the dry cleaner to save yourself some time.

Shop early

Buy your gifts early so you can avoid the stress of last-minute shopping. This will leave you time to focus on enjoying time with family and friends.

Leave time for grocery shopping as well. You don’t want to wait too late and then not be able to get the food items you wanted. You can buy non-perishable items early or you may be able to keep some things in the freezer. However, there will be some things you’ll want to wait to buy so make sure you leave time.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask others to help. If you are hosting a dinner or party, let guests bring something. Many of your guests would probably enjoy contributing a favorite holiday recipe.

Don’t hesitate to hire the pros to help, too. You can take laundry and dry cleaning off the list by calling Champion Cleaners and letting us pick up and deliver your clothes and household items in Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples, FL.

Relax and enjoy

Take time to appreciate your wonderful family and friends and enjoy spending time together for the holidays. Don’t stress if everything doesn’t go according to plan. The holidays are about sharing kindness, showing our appreciation, and spreading holiday cheer.

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