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Holiday business gift ideas are plentiful this time of year but many of us still struggle with finding unique gifts that people will appreciate.


Business owners and managers often have a tough time finding gifts that show their employees how much they appreciate them but yet doesn’t break the bank.


Holiday business gift ideas

A holiday business gift idea you should consider is dry cleaning and laundry services pick up and delivery. It may not sound like an exciting gift but it’s a perk any employee would love.

Laundry is one of the most time consuming chores around the house. Who wouldn’t love to have this task taken off their list?

Giving employees “perks” such as laundry and dry cleaning services makes them feel valued. It also encourages them to take pride in their appearance and boosts their confidence. You can help them look and feel like a Champion all year long!

The laundry and dry cleaning services are valuable to all employees. The VPs and managers who wear 3-piece suits will save time and money yet always look impeccable. Staff that wears uniforms will also appreciate the service if you don’t already provide it.

One of the best things about this gift is that it requires very little work on your part and it’s probably more affordable than you think.

At Champion Cleaners, we provide you with the VIP garment bags and pick up and delivery in Estero, Bonita Springs, and Naples, FL. Employees fill them up with their dirty clothes. Then someone from Champion Cleaners will pick it up and return the clothes fresh and clean.

There are several benefits for both the employer and the employee. Employees spend less time on laundry and more time for fun activities and relaxation. They get more time to do what they enjoy and the employer gets an employee who returns to work renewed and refreshed.

Consider giving your employees a nice perk this Holiday. You can pay for the service for the year, or set up the service and cover the first month. Then employees can continue the service if they choose. You’ll probably find you like the service, too! You can learn more or sign up online. You can call us at 239.598.1555 for more details.

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