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It’s November already, and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. Before you know it, the Christmas holidays and all your parties will be here as well. And that means you need holiday outfits at the ready so you can waltz into a room with glitz and glamour — with no gaping holes in sight!


holiday outfitDon’t put things off until the last minute

A holiday outfit (including dresses, suits and skirts) should fit well and look clean and pressed. Because these outfits are often made with delicate fabrics, you should take them to a professional dry cleaner such as Champion Cleaners to be cleaned and altered well before party time. A delay could leave you scrambling to find a holiday outfit.


It’s not unusual for people to put things off until the last minute. However, if you have this tendency, it can interfere with your holiday fun. If you put things off, chances are others have put off finding their outfits as well. That could mean settling for something you aren’t excited about. You want to look good and feel good in your holiday outfit.


Your items might need altering, too


Start looking now for what you might want to wear to different Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. Much of what you choose, may need dry cleaning, and the outfits may need alterations. If you plan to wear something that’s already in your closet you should try it on and inspect it for any imperfections. As a special-event garment, a holiday outfit isn’t worn often, and you might not have worn these outfits for a year or two. Get them out now and try them on. Then, bring them to Champion Cleaners to have them tidied up and altered if needed.


Get started now!


Start now and get your holiday clothing ready to go, and you’ll feel much more relaxed as the holidays approach. You’ll be able to enjoy those parties knowing that your outfit is just right for the occasion! You’ll look and feel like a champion at your events!

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