Fashion trends for 2021: Personality and comfort Posted on February 8, 2021 under Blog. | no comments.

Personality and comfort are the fashion trends for 2021. People want clothing that is comfortable whether they are working or venturing outdoors for fresh air and exercise.

The events of the last several months prompted many to work from home, meaning they could wear just about anything to work (unless they were on video). Even those working in offices chose to be more casual. It’s all about being comfortable.

Fashion Trends for 2021But comfort doesn’t mean boring. More than ever people are putting their own personality into their fashion. Bright colors are replacing the monochromatic look that’s been a staple for years. And, mixing patterns is becoming almost a game!

Positive messages printed on T-shirts are selling like crazy online. Fabrics are soft to the touch because we all want to be comforted and feel good.

Fashion trends for 2021 — jeans are still in!

Jeans are still everyone’s best friend, no matter what climate you live in, and it’s all about what makes you feel good. The field is wide open when it comes to fit: straight leg, flared, high-waisted, loose.

Do you have a favorite wash or material? The fashion trends for 2021 are open to a wide variety of options. You’ll find ripped, appliquéd, faded, dark, light—retailers are shunning the practice of only offering what’s “in style” and instead, making sure they have something for everyone’s taste.

Taking care of these clothes is important, too. You want to keep your bright colors bright and soft fabrics soft and comfortable.

Jewelry doesn’t take a backseat either, although people are keeping it simple in 2021. One or two complimentary items are enough to make us feel good trekking out to work or the grocery store.

Watches also are making a comeback for men and women after several years of sitting on the dresser. Here, too, there’s something for everyone, from simple leather straps and small faces to futuristic-looking pieces.

Playful. Expressive. Comforting. Fashion is becoming what we decide to make of it. That’s what it should be!

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