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Employee perks are a great way for businesses to attract and retain employees. Although pay is important, so are the perks businesses offer.


Perks are non-wage offerings that extend beyond salary and benefits. Also known as fringe benefits, these employee perks can help attract quality job candidates as well as create a positive culture. With many businesses having a hard time hiring, the right perks can help fill open positions.

Some companies offer gym memberships, standing desks, health trackers, flexible hours, onsite daycare, time off for volunteering, charity matching and more. Yet another employee perk is company-provided dry cleaning services. Employees’ dirty clothes are picked up at work and returned to work clean and pressed. 

Workers talking about business in the office and employee perksPerks not only benefit the employees but also to the company. Happy employees are more productive, and they are less likely to look for work elsewhere. Other benefits that help keep employees healthy, mean fewer days off and improved productivity.

With dry cleaning, it saves employees time and money. It also helps maintain a professional appearance. Read on to learn more about why dry cleaning is a great employee perk.

Benefits of Employee Perks

Employee satisfaction
: Employees appreciate rewards and incentives for their hard work. They are more likely to stay at your business if you supply them with employee benefits and incentives. But getting benefits right isn’t easy, with millennials often wanting different things from Gen X. The younger generation wants to work for businesses that make their lives better, and one of the most effective methods of investing in your workers’ welfare is to provide benefits with a health, wellbeing, and lifestyle focus.

Time savings: Housekeeping, cooking, and laundry take up an average of 13 hours a week for the typical homeowner. If you expect your staff to come to work looking smart and well presented, which usually means more laundry for them, taking their dry cleaning off their hands will give them more time to socialize and relax outside of their working hours. This means they come to work more energized and well-rested. Consequently, employers who offer their workers the luxury of time will notice a rise in productivity at work.

Saves money: When the company pays for the service, or at least a part of the service, employees not only save time but also money. It’s a way to provide an indirect financial benefit that can help employees at all levels.

No matter their age or family circumstances, employees appreciate companies that go the extra mile. If you’d like to learn more about providing dry cleaning for your employees in Naples, FL, call Champion Cleaners today at 239.598.1555.

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