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Dry CleanManufactures care labels that are listed as dry clean only are done so because the garments have a potential to lose its texture, lose its color, shrink and become misshaped when they come in contact with water. So is there a time when water is consider to be safe to use? Dry cleaners and many manufactures who are experts in the care of clothing garments would say no.

There are however many internet sites that would disagree with these experts and have devised a plethora of ways to clean garments without the care of a professional. In this we can only say “Buyer Beware.” Information is a wonderful tool however most of us spend a small fortune on our garments and having them taken care of properly not only has the potential to save us time but also money.

I am a hugh proponent of helping people find ways to save but I do not recommend doing it at the expense of a person’s wardrobe. That being said one way in which you can save some money is the use of home dry cleaning kits. Each kit comes with a pre-treater that can be used on stains, once treated you than place the garments in a dryer bag with an absorbent sheet and place it into the dryer as directed on the packaging label. Once the time allotted has been completed remove the items and hang them up. It is important for you to know that you cannot use this method with leather, suede or fur.

Additionally these kits do not work when addressing the issue of lint, pet hair, underarm stains, odors and oily stains. They are basically used for a little sprucing up.

I hope that you have found this information helpful and remember when in doubt ask your friendly dry cleaner.

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