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Many shoppers choose clothes based on the look and feel rather than fabric type. As long as it is comfortable and fits well, the fabric is often a second thought, if at all. It’s usually when it comes time to wash your clothes that you realize they are dry clean only.

Even when clothes are dry clean only, many decide to take their chances with a normal washing machine. There are a variety of reasons why that isn’t a good idea.

Reading clothing label for dry clean onlyAlthough it can be difficult to understand some of the symbols on clothing labels, “dry clean only” is pretty clear. If a label suggests “dry clean only,” there is a reason. The fabric requires special care.

When you don’t follow the directions, the clothing can be ruined. They may shrink, the color could fade, the embellishments may be destroyed or the fabric otherwise damaged.

Dry cleaning uses special solvents rather than water to get rid of dirt and stains from a given fabric. It doesn’t use soap or water and is highly recommended for delicate fabrics.

Dry Clean Only Fabrics

Silk: Washing silk with soap and water tends to change its shape and texture.

Linen: Clothes made from linen can lose their crispness and become wrinkled.

Wool: A typical wash with soap and water can cause wool to shrink and lose its luster.

In addition, other dry clean fabrics include cotton voile, rayon, soft leather, suede, cashmere and beaded garments.

If in doubt, let the professionals handle it. Not only will it ensure that your clothes will be cleaned properly but also it saves you time as well as the expense of replacing damaged clothes.

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