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Why You Shouldn’t Try Dry Cleaning at Home


If you’ve been in the grocery store lately, you’ve probably seen products that claim to help you dry clean all your clothing at home. It sounds like a convenient idea, but is it really worth the investment? The honest answer is “no.” As professional dry cleaners, we at Champion Cleaners constantly hear horror stories from customers who tried do-it-yourself methods of dry cleaning.


The Five Big Problems With Dry Cleaning at Home

People who try these methods always end up wishing they had just brought their items to our dry cleaners serving Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, FL. Here’s why:

  1. You Have Inadequate Equipment to Do the Job Correctly

Sure, the product you bought off the shelf with a coupon says your home dryer is good enough, but if that were the case, wouldn’t dry cleaners do the same thing? In fact, we have very sophisticated machinery that does the job precisely and safely, leaving clothes looking great without any damage.

  1. You Could Lock in Stains Forever

We understand the desire to get rid of annoying stains in clothing, but home dry cleaning isn’t the answer. In fact, instead of removing stains from your clothing, you might end up turning those stains into a permanent part of your favorite garments.

  1. You Could End Up Throwing Away a Lot of Clothes

Although you might set out with the best of intentions, doing dry cleaning at home can completely ruin your beloved items. Caring for delicate clothes yourself is an especially huge risk. Are you ready and willing to replace a good portion of the “dry clean only” clothes your closet?

  1. You May Not Actually Get Your Clothes Clean at All

Dry cleaners like ours work on actually removing dirt and debris that may be locked deep into the fibers of your garments. When you attempt to clean your clothes at home, you may simply end up with a fresh-smelling item that still has tons of dirt inside. Over time, you’ll begin to notice the build-up.

  1. You Could Spend More Money Than You Would Have on Dry Cleaning

Your time is valuable, and at-home dry cleaning products cost money. When you look at the amount of time you’ll spend trying to do home cleaning correctly, as well as the price of all those at-home garment cleaning kits, it starts to add up. Why not just send your clothes to the dry cleaners and enjoy some much-deserved relaxation?


If you need dry cleaning for delicate clothes in the Naples, Bonita Springs, and Estero, FL, area, we encourage you to try Champion Cleaners, the dry cleaners that loves your clothes as much as you do.

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