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Color LossIt’s okay for a chameleon to change colors…. Your clothes are another story as a dry cleaner, one of our primary concerns with regard to caring for your garments is the minimization of color loss. That being said, it is important for us to help you understand the difference that can be found in different types of fabric.

According to the Fabricare institute, not all colored fabrics are created equally. Some are woven from dyed yarns, some are dyed after weaving and others are colored by printing the surface, usually with several different colors. So what does all of this mean to you? Well that’s where the whole labeling process comes in.

The Federal Trade Commission requires manufactures to attach a permanent label to textile of garments that provides directions for care. A label that states “Dry Clean” should have dyes that can withstand dry cleaning and “Washable” items should have dyes that should stand up to washing. Removing those labels makes cleaning your garments nearly impossible.

As a rule, here are a few steps your should follow:

  • Always read and follow the care instructions

  • Protect whites and color garments from excessive exposure to light

  • Household substances can affect dyes.

  • Be careful not to expose fabrics to alkaline toiletries.
Remember that when in doubt consult our seasoned garment care professionals. Champion Cleaners genuinely cares about your garments and the investment you have made in them. Everything we do is designed to help you look and feel like a Champion.

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