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Color-block clothing | Clothing Trends | Champion Cleaners | Naples, FL | Estero, FL | Bonita Springs, FLColor-block clothing is increasing in popularity because of the fun colors and retro appeal.

As dry cleaners, we are interested in fashion trends.  We care more about the trends for the average person than the European or New York runway models. However, those ideas often trickle down to the rest of us.

Color-block clothing is exactly what it sounds like. There are large blocks of color, often bright colors, for tops and bottoms. Real Simple magazine featured about 7 bright color-block clothing ensembles for women on its website.

The outfits come in a variety of colors from bright pink to muted yellow and fabrics from silk to polyester, with coordinated accessories. See Real Simple’s 7 picks.

The vibrant colors are not only fun but also they can impact your mood. According to The Science of People, the color of your clothing can affect your mood, behavior and stress level.

Based on decades of research, The Science of People reports finding commonality in colors. If you aren’t sure what color to wear, here are their suggestions:

What color to wear for a work out: Orange

Why: Orange is a color of stimulation, enthusiasm and innovation

What color should women wear on a date: Red

Why: Red is the color of passion

What color should men wear on a date: Blue

Why: Blue is the most stable color.

What color to wear to be seen as aggressive: Black

Why: Researchers examined statistics from more than 52,000 National Hockey League games and found that teams were penalized more for aggression while wearing black jerseys, according to The Science of People.

What color not to wear to work: Grey

Why: Grey inspires people to be passive, uninvolved and have a lack of energy.

Don’t worry if you like some of those colors but don’t want the moods that come with them, add accessories that balance you out.

Decoding colors how they affect behavior

No matter what colors you choose, you will want to make sure they remain the vibrant color you liked. Make sure you follow the cleaning instructions on the label. Whether they require dry cleaning or not, we can help you maintain the look and feel of a Champion.

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