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Florida can get incredibly hot in the summer, and the combination of the area’s humidity and high temperatures can make it almost unbearable at times. It’s important to know the best summer clothes and fabric to help keep you cool and looking good.

Best Summer Clothes for Naples, FL, and how to care for them, Champion Cleaners

It can be particularly challenging to stay cool if you work outside or in a professional environment where you have to wear suits. There are some materials that are more effective for keeping you cool in the summer. Here are the types of clothes to consider.


This is one of the best fabrics to wear in the heat because it not only looks chic and professional but it gives your skin room to breathe. Look for linen button downs and other office wear for the summer to keep you cool. It does crease easily, however, so you may need to iron or steam it before wearing or have it cleaned and pressed, just to make sure you’re looking sharp.


Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics to wear in the summer because it is so breathable. It is generally worn for casual occasions, although you can find more formal cotton pieces to wear as well. The soft feeling of cotton is very refreshing when temps start to rise. However, be aware that cotton can show sweat stains.


One of the reasons people have been making silk clothing for hundreds of years is because it is comfortable for both summer and winter. It adjusts to your body’s temperature, so it won’t add heat in the summer. It also looks very sophisticated and comes in many different blends. It’s most commonly worn by women, but many brands make silk pieces for men as well.

Light Wool

Fine blends of merino wool can actually feel like cotton, making them breathable in the summer. They help keep the heat out, so you won’t feel overwhelmed when temperatures rise. Look for wool with a loose weave to let as much air in as possible.

It’s important that you take proper care of these fabrics, too. You want your clothes to last. Use wash and fold services as well as dry cleaning to help keep your clothes looking great. You should look and feel like a Champion all year long!

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