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The weather report in Southwest Florida this time of year is pretty consistent. Temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s and afternoon showers. You’ve probably learned the best clothing for rainy season if you’ve lived here very long.

Best clothing for rainy seasonThe best clothing for rainy season goes beyond the obvious: “Carry an umbrella and wear a raincoat.” The fabrics you choose are important. You want something comfortable that won’t get ruined if it gets soaked.

From your head to your toes, you should wear fabrics and material that repel water or rebound after getting soaked.

Let’s start with the best hats for the rain. For casual wear, many people wear baseball caps. The hats keep some rain off your head and the brim helps protect your face. Choose hats made of fabric that wicks moisture. Cotton and some blended fabrics will keep the water away and will dry with little to no damage to the hat.

However, there are many hat options for men and women that are designed for the rain. They not only look good as casual wear but also can be worn in professional settings.

Best clothing and fabrics

Rain jackets and other outerwear are key to helping keep you dry and protect your clothing. There are many great casual and professional options. You can find some great features such as hoods that tuck inside the jacket, zipper pockets, longer lengths for greater coverage and more.

When shopping for rain jackets or overcoats, be sure to read the product description and the label. There’s a difference between water resistant and waterproof. You also want to make sure to follow the care instructions so you don’t ruin the water protection. Your best bet may be to use a dry cleaner for laundry or dry cleaning services.

Most shirts, tops, blouses, pants, skirts, and other clothes may not keep you dry but certain fabrics react better than others. Cottons, denim, nylon and even silks can keep you stylish even in the rain.

When it comes to shoes, it can be difficult to find stylish options that can withstand walking through the puddles or the small streams that flow across the pavement. It’s much easier finding casual wear than heels that can last through rainy season.

Find out what material is used in the shoes and, again, be aware there is a difference between water resistant and waterproof.

With a little planning and savvy shopping, your wardrobe will survive the Southwest Florida rainy season.

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