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Alterations can end up saving you money and increasing your wearable wardrobe. The clothes in the back of the closet that don’t fit right can be returned to the “favorites” section if you get them altered.


alteration 1Think a tailor is too expensive or takes too much time? It may be more affordable and quicker than you think. If you compare the cost of alterations to the cost of replacing the clothing, alterations may be more economical.


At Champion Cleaners, we are ready to help with quick, reliable expert alterations. From business suits and shirts, dresses and skirts, to the quick fix of a misplaced button or zipper, we have your alteration needs covered.


For some clothing, the cost isn’t even a factor. That favorite shirt or lucky suit you can’t wear may just need an alteration or repair. Perhaps your weight has changed and it doesn’t fit right.


Sometimes clothes in a store are the right size and the right look. When you take them home, they just don’t fit right. You won’t have to return them if you get them altered. We can also provide you with the knowledge to help you choose clothing that fits better right off the rack.


If you decide you need your clothes tailored, we can take on anything from shortening sleeves to repairing or replacing your cuffs and collars. We will also make repairs to your garments while completing the alterations.


Alterations help you get perfect fit


For your trousers or slacks, we can adjust any inseam or mend any hems with ease. We can narrow the sleeves of your business jacket and take in the waist of your pants. For women’s attire, we can easily modify sun dresses, casual skirts or more formal business skirts and even your wedding dress.


As with any article of clothing, there needs to be enough “extra” material for our seamstress to fold, pinch or tuck in with ease to make the alteration look seamless. Our seamstress will discuss your goals and the impact that alterations will have on your prized articles of clothing.


To receive an estimated price for alterations or to set up an appointment, just give us a call at 239-598-1555. We are happy to help you with any changes you need or provide any suggestions. As one of our clients, you get the benefit of top-rate alterations and tailoring in Naples, FL, at the same place you get your clothes cleaned.


Allow us to help you make the most of every penny you spend on your wardrobe. We are here to help you look and feel like a champion all year long!

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