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Did you get clothes as a holiday gift this year, but they just don’t fit right? Instead of standing in a long return line at the store, try having alterations made by your local dry cleaner.


Many of us are quick to return a gift doesn’t fit or we push it to the back of the closet or drawer. The clothes either take up space or get donated to a deserving charity.


alterations naples fl, alterations when you get a gift that doesn't fitHowever, someone you care about gave you that sweater with the unusually long arms or those pants that are just a little snug. A tailor or seamstress may be able to shorten the sleeves, hem your pants or let out the waist a little. The clothes will mean more because they were a gift. In addition, the person who gave you the gift will appreciate the effort.

Having clothes altered is probably quicker, easier and more affordable than you think. Of course, there are clothes that can’t be altered. There needs to be enough “extra” material to fold, pinch or tuck in with ease to make the alteration look seamless.


There are also some gifts, however, that you want to return even if they could be altered. If it’s something you would never wear, don’t waste time or money on alterations. Instead, consider donating it to a good cause.


If you aren’t sure if something can be altered or you want to get an estimated price, contact Champion Cleaners. Just give us a call at 239-598-1555. We are happy to help you with any changes you need or provide any suggestions. Champion Cleaners has become the trusted quality provider of alteration services in Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero, FL. We love to help you look and feel like a champion all year long!

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