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Alteration services are a cost-effective way to get clothes that fit you just the way you want. It gives you a custom fit without hiring a tailor to make your clothes.


The clothes you find on the rack at retail stores are made for the masses. Even the “fitted” clothes are made for one general body shape for that size and style. You may be lucky enough to find certain brands and styles that fit well but it’s hard to get the perfect fit.


alterations estero fl naples flThere are some online services that make clothes to your specifications but it’s often expensive. You also don’t get a chance to see what the clothes look like on you before you buy.


Alterations are the best solution as long as you keep in mind a seamstress can’t make clothes two sizes larger, 10 inches longer or change the color. You have to have realistic expectations.


Alteration services in Estero, Naples & Bonita Springs area


Alterations can be the answer to getting the perfect fit but if you buy clothes with alterations in mind, here are a few tips:


  • It’s easier to take clothes in than to let them out. When in doubt, get the next size larger.


  • It’s always easier to hem something (dress, skirt, slacks, etc.) than to add length. Buy longer.


  • Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. If there is another outfit that fits a lot better, it is often cheaper to buy the more expensive outfit rather than buy the one that’s on sale and then have your seamstress remake the entire garment.


  • If you need alterations done on heavy material (denim), like hemming jeans or shortening the sleeves on a denim jacket, make sure the person doing the alterations has a machine that is capable of handling the fabric. Some pros only work on fine fabrics while others will work on any type of fabric. It’s always a good idea to ask.


Having your clothes altered is a great way to get the clothes you want and the fit you need.

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