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Men's Suit

When buying a suit the first thing you want to consider is getting yourself measured. This will help determine if you will need to check out the slim suits or the big and tall men’s suits.

Once you have accomplished this, then the next thing that you need to concentrate on is your body type. According to Menswear E Collection, the men’s suit you will look best in is determined by your body type and one of the main things that you might consider is how many buttons you should have. Ideally, if you are a tall man of slender build than you should consider choosing a three button suit however if you are built or stocky, you may consider a two button suit or even a four button suit.

If it is height that you are looking for you might consider following the advice of They suggest buying a more fitted style of suit that will accelerate your body lines, which will naturally create a slimming effect and an appearance of added height. 

Additionally wearing colors of the same shade and hues is a sleek trick for elongated your body frame, since people will not look at your body in parts. For instance wearing pants and shoes of the same color will look like you have longer legs. As for a belt you will want to blend them into the outfit thus avoiding contrasting colors.

The most important aspect of wearing a suit is that you look fit and well groomed and that the employee that you are working with is knowledgeable and can give you good ideas as to what looks best on you and of course when it come to cleaning your suit remember to take it to a dry cleaner

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