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garment lables

In 1972 the care label amendment required manufacturer and importer to list at least one method to safely care for a garment. This rule covered all textile clothing except footwear, gloves and household items, such as linens. The rule stipulated that care labels be easily found and remain legible during the expected life of the garment. Additionally it states that the garment must state the safest way to clean the garment as well as warn when there is no method for cleaning without causing damage to the garment.

Textile garments are required to have a care label attached to the garments. By removing the label it may create a risk to the garment because the there are no longer instructions for you or your cleaner to follow. Furthermore in 2000 the care label was amended to include care symbols on the care label. They are,

Cold- Initial water temperature up to 86 Fahrenheit

Warm-Initial water temperature ranging from 87- Fahrenheit to 111- Fahrenheit

Hot-initial water temperature ranging from 112 Fahrenheit to 145 Fahrenheit

Cleaning recommendations typically discuss Machine washable or dry-cleaned methods. Machine washable indicated use of either a commercial or home washing machine with recommendations about specific washing temperatures and drying procedures. Dry-clean restricts the dry-cleaning process to methods possible only in commercial accommodations.

Remember a manufacturer or importer is only requires to list one method of safe care no matter how many other methods also could be used, So when in doubt always ask your dry cleaner.