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pickup dry cleaning Naples

pickup dry cleaning Naples

Dry cleaning is a gentle yet effective way to clean your clothes. Some clothing fabrics require dry cleaning so they won't fade or shrink. Dry cleaning is an option for most of your clothes whether the tag requires it or not. When you don't have time to go to the cleaners you can request pickup of dry cleaning in Naples. Simply gather your items, call or go online and request cleaning services. We will schedule our driver to stop by and pick up your items and then deliver them back to you once they have been dry cleaned.

What Items Should Be Dry Cleaned?

There are many items that require dry cleaning. All garments and many other fabric items include care labels. A care label provides you and the dry cleaner with important information about how to handle cleaning of the item. Garments that require dry cleaning should never be placed into the washing machine or even washed by hand. If you have items that require cleaning you can call to have pickup of dry cleaning in Naples.

A circle symbol is the universal "dry clean only" symbol and is often accompanied by the words. The information contained in the circle provides important instructions to the dry cleaner regarding how to properly handle the garment. An "A" inside the circle indicates that any solvent may be used. A "P" in the circle requires any solvent except inchlorethylene be used. An "F" in the circle means that only petroleum solvent may be used.

A line will be present on one side of the circle. The line represents the type of heat or finishing that is necessary with the garment. It may need a short cycle, reduced moisture, low heat or no steam finishing. The dry cleaner has experience with a wide range of different fabrics and will usually be able to properly care for the item even if the tag is missing or illegible.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning Pickup Services

You can save time and effort with the pickup of dry cleaning in Naples. We will provide you with two free VIP garment bags that you can use to hold the dry cleaning. We also offer a credit of $10 on your first dry cleaning service when you use our pickup services. You can schedule our dry cleaning services by phone or online.

There is no extra charge for pickup of dry cleaning in Naples and nearby areas. We will schedule the pickup and delivery at a time that is most convenient for your needs. Once we pick up the items we take them to our dry cleaning facility where we provide excellent results. Our equipment is at our Naples location and we handle all of the cleaning ourselves. We do not sub out to other companies. You can be sure that we use high quality products and treat your items with the utmost level of care. We provide VIP text messaging alerts and once your items are ready we will contact you to schedule delivery.

pickup dry cleaning Naples
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pickup dry cleaning Naples
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pickup dry cleaning Naples pickup dry cleaning Naples pickup dry cleaning Naples