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  • Champions rise out of tough times such as Hurricane Irma Posted on September 25, 2017 under Blog, Champion Service. | no comments.
    Champions Hurricane Irma Naples, FL, Estero, FL, Bonita Springs, FL

    Champions aren’t hard to find in Southwest Florida. In fact, you’ll find plenty if you take a look around your neighborhood, community or workplace. Some are easy to spot. You see them featured on the news for their positive impact on the community. However, many go unnoticed to all but a handful of people, and a select few work…
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  • Cleaning up after Hurricane Irma a tough job for many Posted on September 20, 2017 under Blog, Cleaning Tips. | no comments.
    cleaning up after hurricane naples, estero, fl

    Cleaning up after Hurricane Irma is a daunting task for most of us in Southwest Florida. Winds whipping through Collier and Lee counties snapped trees and poles, knocked down power lines, crushed pool cages and uprooted trees and plants. Flood waters and storm surge carried cars away, swept up debris, seeped into houses, turned rivers and canals into lakes and…
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  • Convenient dry cleaners may not be the one near you Posted on August 24, 2017 under Blog. | no comments.
    Convenient Dry Cleaners, Naples, FL, Estero, FL, Bonita Springs, FL

    Convenient dry cleaners aren’t necessarily the ones that are closest to you. You can search “dry cleaners near me” and find one nearby but it may not be the most convenient. Convenience involves more than just proximity. The definition includes terms such as availability, ease of use, usefulness and helpfulness.That definition could include the dry cleaner that pops…
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  • Summer fabrics — What to wear Posted on August 9, 2017 under Blog. | no comments.
    Summer fabrics dry cleaning Naples, FL

    Summer fabrics that are lightweight and “breathe” can help you stay cooler in the hot and humid weather in Southwest Florida. During the summer, you want to be comfortable, stay as cool as possible and look good. Just because you are hot and sweaty doesn’t mean you have to look it. Whether you are wearing casual clothes to a…
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  • Dry cleaning tips: What to do before dropping off your clothes Posted on July 25, 2017 under Blog, Cleaning Tips. | no comments.
    dry cleaning tips, naples, fl

    Dry cleaning tips can help you and the dry cleaners get the best results possible. You both have the same goal — vibrant, clean and wrinkle-free clothes. By taking a few easy steps, you can do your part to reach the goal.Even though most people use dry cleaning services, they may not know how to get the most…
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  • Quality dry cleaning and excellent customer service will make you feel like a champion Posted on July 12, 2017 under Blog. | no comments.
    Quality Dry Cleaning, excellent customer service

    Quality dry cleaning and excellent customer service are part of the daily routine at Champion Cleaners in Naples, FL. In fact, we have “Champion” in our name for a reason. We want to make you look and feel like a champion all year long. Excellent customer service should be the top priority of any business but that’s not…
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  • Sweat stains need not trouble you Posted on June 26, 2017 under Blog. | no comments.
    sweat stains

    Sweat stains are a part of daily life in Southwest Florida. The heat combined with the humidity cause the body temperatures to rise and our body perspires to try to cool us off. From this heat and humidity, it is inevitable that the underarm of shirts will ultimately have perspiration stains followed by unwelcoming odors to accompany it….
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  • Champion Cleaners celebrates 15 years in Naples Posted on June 16, 2017 under Blog. | no comments.

    Champion Cleaners is celebrating 15 years of providing convenient, reliable, high quality and personalized customer service in the Naples, FL area.We strive to help our clients “Look and feel like a Champion all year long” by providing the best dry cleaning, laundry, alterations and wedding preparation and preservation services possible.From day one, the vision of Champion Cleaners was…
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  • Wedding Dress Preservation services offer chance to save memories Posted on May 19, 2017 under Blog. | no comments.
    wedding dress preservation

    Wedding dress preservation isn’t on a bride’s mind when she’s picking out a dress. The new bride probably doesn’t even think about it until long after the honeymoon is over.But, if you do want to preserve your dress, you want to make sure you do it the right way and that you don’t wait too long. Something could…
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  • Wedding dress care — Make sure your dress is ready for big day Posted on May 12, 2017 under Blog. | no comments.
    wedding dress care

    Wedding dress care is likely on the minds of many brides-to-be as we head into one of the most popular months for weddings. June is always a busy wedding month. In fact, last year, the most popular day to get married was Saturday, June 18.You’ve spent months planning for the big day. You want everything to be just…
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