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The holidays are over and now you have the fun chore of storing holiday linens and decorations. But before you put things away, make sure they are clean and that they don’t need any repairs.

The same goes for your favorite festive sweaters and other clothing.

You don’t want to store dirty, broken or damaged items and you don’t want to be surprised when you unpack the stuff next year. It is frustrating to pull out your favorite table cloth or sweater only to find it is stained. After storing holiday linens for a year, it’s pretty tough to get out any stains.


Don’t let stains set


It’s entirely possible, although unlikely, that your holiday items make it through the season without getting stains or other damage. But if something does happen, like you spill mulled wine on your holiday table cloth, get the stain out before you put it back into storage.


Avoid the temptation to wash out most of the liquid and let a shadowy stain linger. Don’t put off taking it to the dry cleaner.


You should also inspect your table cloth, napkins and other linens as well as clothes to make sure there aren’t any rips or holes.


Remember the bed linens and other fabrics


If you had guests in your home or dressed up your own room for the holidays, clean those thoroughly before putting them away. Check to see if the items need to be dry cleaned.

If they can be washed at home, make sure you get them completely dry before putting them away. However, if you expose the item to high heat for a long time you risk damaging the fabric. A dry cleaner can clean the item properly.


Champion Cleaners in Naples can help you get your holiday fabrics ready for post-holiday storage.

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