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Wholesale Ribbon

Wholesale Ribbon

From all of us at TK Ribbon to you, congratulations on getting engaged! The next few months as you plan your wedding should be full of fun and excitement. No matter your budget, there may be some things that you want to do yourself to put a more personal touch on your wedding day.

Your wedding may be the happiest day of your life, and when you buy wholesale ribbon to put a unique spin on your special day, it can also be the most beautiful. Here are some crafty DIY ways that you can make your wedding even more beautiful and one of a kind.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Bouquet

Your bouquet is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Small though it may be, people are guaranteed to notice the flowers you carry throughout the day.

Wrapping the stems of your bouquet with ribbon is the most obvious choice and is beautiful. However, for a truly unique look, add some curls of ribbon into your bouquet. You can even learn to make satin ribbon flowers for a bouquet that will last forever. Imagine having a bridal bouquet as beautiful décor in your home always to remind you of your day.

Send Out Invitations with Flair

We have seen a lot of wedding invitations in our day, but our favorite ones, of course, are the ones that are tied up with a beautiful ribbon. Whether you wrap the invitations with wholesale ribbon and a monogrammed tag, or you affix a delicate lace ribbon to the corner of your invitations, there are many ways to create personalized invitations that reflect your wedding style and personality.

Give Your Guests Something to Celebrate With

As you walk back down the aisle with your new spouse, you may have your guests throw rice or confetti, or blow bubbles. These are all great ideas, but not always unique. Rice and confetti are challenging to clean up, and bubbles can get sticky or spill on people’s laps.

Instead, create wands out of simple dowels tied at the end with light streams of ribbons. Give these to your guests as they arrive for the ceremony. As you walk down the aisle as a married person into a new life with your partner, your friends and family can wave streams of ribbons.

Create Wedding Favors They Want

Whatever type of wedding favors you have at your wedding, there are simple ways to add a personal touch to it with ribbon. Handing out jars of homemade honey or jam, tied up with ribbon in your wedding colors, is a unique wedding favor that won’t sit unused or be tossed. Journals, candles, and coasters can all be personalized with ribbons and are beautiful but also very useful favors.

At TK Ribbon, we have been to a lot of weddings. Some have been over the top beautiful, and some have been simple and elegant. There are ways that you can use wholesale ribbon to create whatever wedding style or theme you’d like. Incorporating some of your DIY craftiness into your big day will not only make your day more special but will help create an experience that guests will remember forever.

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